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This little known strategy is passively generating 80% yearly returns at bitcoin's current price.

At Bitcoins current price in November of 2021, you can see that I have 13 crypto mining rigs.
It says I have 13 Active workers there towards the top left.  That means I have 13 active mining rigs.  You can also see what the daily, weekly, and monthly estimated earnings are.  This can go up or down depending on the price of bitcoin or ethereum and the difficulty of the network.  All in all, I haven't seen it go much lower than this.

Personally, I didn't know anything about bitcoin mining 6 months ago.  But i did the research that you're doing now and started by ordering my first two.  Then I was hooked.

At Bitcoins current price in November of 2021, you can see that I have 13 bitcoin mining rigs.

It says 13 Active workers there towards the top left.  That means I have 13 crypto mining rigs.  You can also see what the monthly estimated earnings are.  This can go up or down depending on the price of bitcoin or ethereum and the difficulty of the network.  But all in all, I haven't seen it go much lower than this.

Personally, I didn't know anything about bitcoin mining 6 months ago. But i did the research that you're doing now and started by ordering my first two. Then I was hooked.

If a friend called you and said they have these little rental properties that cost around $17,000 but cashflow approximately $1,000/month immediately, without having to deal with tenants, broken toilets, or hail damage...

How many would you want?

Follow these 6 steps closely and within an hour you could be ordering your very first mining rig that will work 24 hours a day mining bitcoin or ethereum for you.

Step 1: Watch this video

Note: this video was originally discussed in the entrepreneur fight club facebook group.
If you'd like to join that free group, go here: entrepreneurfight.club

Step 2: Order the Nano-X Wallet ONLY on Ledger.com

The nano-x is an offline cold storage wallet where you will safely store your crypto.

Upon receiving it, follow the directions on the box (set up takes about 15 minutes)

You will also be given a 24 word pass phrase.  Store this somewhere SAFE and offline.

Do not type those 24 words anywhere online or on any device that is online.

You want the NANO-X and once again... only order it from Ledger.com

Step 3: Review Common Questions

What are the monthly service fees?
Monthly maintenance is $200 per rig.  + your electricity which can range from $70 - $200 depending upon which rig you go with.

When are service fees billed?
Service fees are billed at the first of the month and pro-rated depending on when you get started.

The electricity for your unit is paid at the first of the month, not at the end of the month like your home electricity bill.

Is there a service agreement?
Yes, you will receive a service agreement to sign and get back to us.

Why mine crypto rather than buy it outright?
Mining cryptocurrency provides a way to not only participate in a decentralized consensus network, but provides an alternative method of gaining exposure to cryptocurrency.  Mining cryptocurrency is what keeps the network alive, as well as provides a method of being able to contribute to different digital assets over a prolonged period of time.

Will I have to do anything day to day concerning the mining rigs?
If you would like to manage your rig remotely you can, and keep an eye on the day to day.  This is a service that we can offer you as well. We suggest you monitor your hashrate to ensure maximum uptime, as well as keep regular track on your payouts.

It is also up to you to determine and let us know which cryptocurrency you would like to mine. Some clients prefer to mine speculatively, rather than what is the most profitable from a nominal-dollar perspective.

No, we take care of everything on our end as part of your monthly service agreement.

Is there any risk to this?
Mining cryptocurrency is not as smooth or simple as it seems. Large fluctuations in crypto price and difficulty result in significant inconsistencies relating to earnings.

Mining cryptocurrency at one point has been unprofitable, and it is not unlikely that an event like that will not occur again.  However, those that mined through the ‘dip’ and held were able to recapture well beyond the difference in power and revenue.

Ethereum, being the most profitable coin to mine, has scheduled the merge to POS (Proof of Stake) sometime between Q1-Q2 2022. This will end ETH GPU mining entirely. The outlook after 2.0 is uncertain, and mining experts have estimated revenues to drop between 40-50% if crypto prices remain constant.

Additionally, ASIC miners have their own risk: technological advancement. ASIC development quickly renders old-generation equipment useless. That is why we sell only new-gen equipment.

We strongly suggest researching ASIC vs. GPU mining, as well as the inherent risk provided by each miner.

Where is my mining rig kept?
It is safely stored in a mining facility located in North Carolina.

You'll have the address, etc once you become a client.

How do you keep track of who owns each rig?
Each miner has a multiple unique identifiers assigned (MAC Address, Serial Numbers) in order to keep track of every unit effectively.

Can I come visit the mining facility once I become a client?
Yes, we'd love to have you.  The video above is from one of our members named Bill who stopped by.  Saturdays are best.

What is the difference in a GPU rig and an ASIC rig?
GPU rigs are more versatile, but less efficient. ASIC miners are advanced processors that are programmed to do only one task, but very efficiently.

For instance, a GPU rig can mine Bitcoin. However, and ASIC miner designed for Bitcoin’s algorithm cannot mine Ethereum.

There are hundreds of mineable coins, and among them dozens of different algorithms. GPU miners are more versatile in that they can switch between different algorithms and coins, whereas ASICs are limited to the respective algorithm they were designed to compute.

A GPU rig stands for (Graphics Processing Unit) and can mine 1200 different coins.
The only thing it cannot mine is bitcoin.

An ASIC rig stands for (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and can mine one or two coins at the most.  

We currently use an ASIC S19 to mine bitcoin and we like that as a long term investment as well because bitcoin can be mined until the year 2140

Why your facility versus another?
We believe that our passion for crypto, as well as expertise in mining has allowed us to distinguish ourselves from other mining facilities.  Many other facilities sell hash power, take custody of your crypto, or practice unethical business practices.  We do not engage in any of those practices, and as a result, all of our business has come from word of mouth

There's a reason for that.

Our mission is to bring integrity and legitimacy to the crypto industry.

We've heard horror stories where mining operations will take 30% of what you mine and have also seen other scenarios where a miner will sell just a percentage of the hash power but meanwhile you don't actually own anything.

We build these rigs in house.
You own them.
You keep 100% of what you mine.

What happens when Ethereum 2.0 comes out?
There are some conflicting takes on when and what will happen when ETH 2.0 is released. Our calculations predict that, based off of all the current hash rate shifting over to alternate coins, earnings will shrink between 40 - 50% if prices remain stable.

This is not set in stone as there are multiple variables that can change that, such as: crypto prices at that time, how much difficulty increases, what new projects will be released, and when the merge will actually take place.

When the merge occurs, we will be happy to assist all of our customers in moving their rigs to the next most profitable coin & algorithm, or any other coin they would like to mine.

How is mining bitcoin different from mining ethereum?
It's no different, it simply requires a different rig, called an ASIC miner.

How do i get started?
Once you have read thru all 6 steps, you will text Wes at 512-987-5000. 
You'll include your name and what rig you want to start with.  Current prices are below.

Then, we'll connect you with our account manager, he'll need your wallet address either from metamask, your nano-x, or any other address you would like to use.

If we have the rig you want in stock, we can set you up the same day in most cases.  If we don't have them in stock, we get shipments every 3-4 days so lead time should be no longer than 2 weeks.

Once that is clear, we'll send you the service agreement, wiring instructions and get you set up.

Step 4: Review Price Sheet

The monthly cash flow numbers cannot be guaranteed and do not include your monthly service fee or electricity so be sure to factor that in.

2 factors effect the monthly cashflow projections:
1. the price of both ethereum and bitcoin.  If the price goes up, profits go up, if the price goes down, profits go down.  These monthly figures are fairly conservative and flirt with the low end. 

2. the difficulty of the network. The more miners there are, the stronger the overall network is which is a positive, but that can sometimes mean less profit due to not winning as many contracts.  We always pool with the largest mining pool available to get our clients the best possible returns.

Step 5: Text Wes at 512-987-5000

Step 6: Text Wes
at 512-987-5000

Ready to go?  In your text include your name and which rig or rigs you would like to start with and feel free to include any questions you have that weren't covered in step 4.  At this point, please be ready to pay by credit card or wire.  IF you don't quite have your money together, wait to text until you do.

Bonus Footage:

This is what a bitcoin mining farm looks like at night

Here's a few pics from an all day build for a client out of Georgia